Meike Babel, Volunteer Coordinator for the Colorado Democratic Party has noted several volunteer opportunities this week. The Colorado Democratic Party is looking for researchers, canvassers, data entry and analysis volunteers, and the list goes on. Please see the list of opportunities below, and get involved.

Yes, we need even more  volunteers to help with two projects.
a) Who is running for elections anywhere in Colorado on a municipal level?
b) Voting record research. It would be beneficial if you have a legal background. Part of this project is to “translate” bills from legalese into plain English 🙂
Research can be done from your home.
Please email me at [email protected]


You would be working with Morgan Carroll from conception to completion on FREE candidate forums and issue town halls. These events are an opportunity for the public to get to know the candidates or to hear on a topic of current policy interest.
You would:

  • find venues
  • advance sound, sign-in, parking of the event
  • line up speakers and panelists
  • promote the event
  • oversee operations (manage volunteers) day of the event
  • take pictures, FB live event

Please email me at [email protected].

Thursday, September 7
Location: Aurora Community College at 710 Alton Way, Denver, CO 80230
Time: 10am – 3pm
Tyler McDermott is your contact and can train you if you have never done voter registration before. Arrange shifts with Tyler.
Please email Tyler here to sign up.Saturday, September 9
Location: Aurora Municipal Center at 15151 E Alameda Pkwy, Aurora, CO 80012
Meet at the table located near Aurora Library by the flag pole.
Tyler McDermott is your contact and can train you if you have never done voter registration before.
We will have 2-hour shifts.
10am -12noon,
12noon – 2pm,
2 – 3:30pm
Please email Tyler here to sign up.
The Republican “Voter Fraud Commission” unfortunately led thousands of people to unregister. In a combined effort with the Denver Democrats, we will be calling Democratic Households to register them again.
You will be provided with script and you can make the calls from home using an online phone bank.
Please email me here to fight this blatant act of voter suppression.
HELP US REACH EVERYONE! Become an outreach lead (or connect with your lead)!The Colorado Dems want to reach out to each and every constituency there is. Many people align with our platform yet they don’t quite feel at home with the Democrats. We are changing that!

We have found wonderful volunteers to lead the outreach to:

  • Swing Voters
  • Base Voters
  • Latinos
  • New Americans and Immigrants
  • Millenial or youth
  • Workers and labor
  • LGBTQ+ people
  • Rural Voters
  • Women
  • Seniors
  • Faith Communities
  • Progressives
  • People with Disabilities
  • Veterans
  • African-Americans

We are still looking for leads for the outreach to:

  • Small Business Owners
  • Lawyers
  • Asian, Pacific Islanders
  • Native Americans
  • Health Care Professionals
  • STEM research

As lead, you would:

  • Call/ email all volunteers in your group to introduce yourself
  • Meet periodically (if feasible in person, if not per phone conference) to gather results for:

a) relevant community events,
b) relevant organizations the CDP should work with and support
c) Articles/ publications about group so we can engage in the most appropriate way possible.
d) ideas and suggestion on how to best reach out to/ listen to the group

Lastly, you would have a regular call-in with the CDP officers to share the work of your group.
If you think you’d like to take on the lead role or have more questions, please email me at [email protected]
If you do not want to be lead but would like to specify which group you’d most like to work with, please also email me so I can connect you with the lead.

Nothing much counts more at this point than winning elections! We don’t have to wait until 2018, we can help a young and progressive candidate right now! Crystal is endorsed by Our Revolution and Conservation Colorado amongst others!
Meet CRYSTAL MURILLO, candidate for City Council in Aurora in Ward I (please note, Crystal is the sole Democrat running in this ward which is why we can support her):

  • Accessible and Affordable Housing
  • Smart Economic Growth that invests in our local community and work force
  • Robust Public Transport System by developing a strong infrastructure and safe transit options for everyone.

The best way to win her election is to knock on doors. With Crystal’s own background, she is a true representative of her ward that is home to people of many cultures who struggle to make ends meet.
To find out more about Crystal, click here.
To find out dates, times and location to canvass for Crystal,
please email her at [email protected]