Caucus for HD41 is this Tuesday, March 6th at Overland High School and Heather Gardens (for residents of Heather Gardens). To help answer questions about the event, here is a brief FAQ on what, where,  and why to get you situated

What time should I arrive at Overland High School or Heather Gardens?  Please arrive at Overland at 6pm. Doors will open at 6pm for check in, so arrive at this time. We want to make sure we can start on time for the event at 7pm. With many people in attendance, the process to get everyone in the correct place and starting on time is paramount. Please do your part so we can start promptly at 7pm by arriving early

What do I do when I arrive and who should I see? Check in if you do not know your precinct, or your room your room for the Caucus. There will be several people, divided out alphabetically with check in books, to get you information. At Overland High School, there will be several “street team’ members in the hallways and outside of the check in area, to assist you in locating your precinct, and guiding you to your room. Please look for them near the entrance to the school.

Great! So now that I know what time to arrive and who to see when I walk through the door, how can I find my precinct before arriving? Knowing your precinct before you arrive will save time. Below is a link to get you all the information you need to know about your precinct number. This tool was created by the Colorado Democratic Party for the purpose of finding your precinct.  You may also go to for additional information. 

I found my precinct and I have found my room where I am caucusing in Overland High School. So, who are these people in my classroom or table that are greeting me, and taking a leadership role as Chair? When you enter your room, you will be greeted by your caucus facilitator. He/she is an elected official of the party, with a title of Precinct Committee Person (PCP). They will be assisting you with the rules of the caucus, what you are voting on, ways you can also become a PCP, and other purposes of the caucus. They are there to help facilitate the caucus for your precinct. In some precincts of HD41, there may not be a Precinct Committee Person for your caucus. This is due to the role of the Precinct Committee Person being vacant. This by no means your precinct caucus cannot go on. If you notice there is no facilitator in your room, consider who is in the room with you, and who would like to lead your precinct. The first step in starting your caucus is to elect a Chair and a Secretary, two people who will lead you through your packet.

OK, so I have met my PCP, and he or she is helping me through my responsibilities. Who or what am I voting on, and why does it matter? Why did I even need to be here, again?        First, your attendance at the caucus is greatly appreciated! The ability of our precincts to come together in our House District to conduct important voting on candidates, elect party officials, and review platform is an important part of Civics, our community, and being a Democrat overall. You will be voting on several items in your caucus experience:

a. Elect a Precinct Committee Person- With a term of two years, the Precinct Committee Persons’ responsibility is to manage their precinct, attend House District meetings, and perform duties as directed by the County.

b. Vote and Elect Delegates to Represent Government Preference to the County Assembly on March 24th-Your precinct will choose two individuals in your precinct to attend County Assembly on March 24th. The individuals chosen can be delegates representing a candidate for Governor, or they may be Uncommitted. A vote will be taken for both interest, and for electing a delegate.

c. Approve or Amend Resolutions to be Submitted to the County Platform Committee-  HD41 has 5 current resolutions for the state platform. They will be displayed at your table for review and vote. You may also bring resolutions of your own for submission.

How long is this going to take? I have to go to work tomorrow, and I do not want to be out late tonight. Because the planners and leaders of the Caucus respect your time and your ability to attend, the caucus will not last longer than 9pm.  This could end sooner, based on how quickly your precinct is able to complete the packet, and conduct business. To leave on time, we ask that you respect the  the timeframe to check in, and officially arrive to conduct business. Please arrive at 6pm if possible. The hour between 6pm and 7pm will be used for check in. However, each precinct must begin their business for the Caucus at 7pm sharp!!