21 May

HD41 Monthly Meeting Agenda – Join Us Thursday, May 24th at 6:30pm

The Democrats of House District 41, Arapahoe County, invite you to our monthly meeting. Please arrive early at 6:30pm for socializing and conversation with your fellow Democrats in the House District. The meeting will start at 7pm. Along with House District business, there will be an update by Jovan Melton, our House District 41 Representative. We will also feature a guest speaker.

We look forward to seeing you!

Our Guest Speaker this month will be Candidate for Colorado Attorney General, Phil Weiser

Agenda Update. Our Chair, Jeff Moser, has relaesed the agenda for our upcoming HD41 meeting:

House District 41 Democrats,
4th Thursday, May 24, 2018

6:30 to 7:00 p.m., Social Hour: Meet-N-Greet – Refreshments

7:00 to 8:30 Meeting & Program

Arapahoe County Democratic Party Headquarters
10730 E. Bethany Drive, Ste. 240, Aurora, CO 80014

Chair Jeff Moser, 1st Vice Chair Kunle Taiwo, 2nd Vice Chair Kristin Mallory, Secretary Maureen Mrizek, Treasurer Martha Kern, Rules Rep. Gale Drexler, Platform Rep. David Lightowler, County Outreach Rep. Patricia Noonan

DRAFT Agenda
7:00 p.m:
a. Welcome & Call to Order by Chair or Presiding Officer
b Pledge of Allegiance
c. Introduce Elected Officials – Call for General Orders – Adopt Agenda
d. Approval of Minutes from 26 April 2018

7:05 -Exec. Board Reports/District Business:
1. Monthly HD 41 meetings are held the 4th Thursday of every month
2. With PCP trainings completed, now come VAN Training Sessions – Space is limited and only a few slots remain open — Sign up with County Party. HD 41 may need to schedule our own VAN training session(s), in June and early July*
3. People to People Update: Austin Carron – 10 minutes
HD 41 Canvass this Saturday, May 26, 9:30 – Noon – Please sign up!*
4. HD 41 Potluck Picnic: Planning Committee Report: Maureen Mrizek, Martha Kern, and Carolyn Edwards – 10 minutes*
Public Invited, Hosted by all HD 41 PCPs, Sat., June 2, 11:00-3:00 p.m.
5. Other Business – Rise, Speak Up
*HD 41 Action Item/Participation needed with events!

7:30 – Session Update and Summer Interim – State Representative Jovan Melton

7:45 – Featured Program: Phil Weiser of Denver, Candidate for Attorney General

8:20- Recognize other Candidates present (Candidates will be permitted to introduce themselves: 2 minutes a piece)

8:30 – Final Announcements & Adjourn

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21 May

People to People Canvassing Campaign Starts this Saturday in HD41

This coming Saturday, May 26, will be our HD 41 Canvass Launch with the People to People effort! We will meet at County Headquarters at 9:30 a.m. You can use walking lists/maps, Mini-Van, or just come and walk with another Democrat and precinct leader(s). We can focus on your precinct or another in the district. 

We will be doing this every 4th Saturday of each month until election day in November so if you cannot make this Saturday, maybe consider the next HD 41 Canvass Saturday of June 30. 

If you will be attending the HD41 monthly meeting, please sign-up at our HD 41 meeting. RSVP to the event ensures maps/lists will be  ready. If you cannot make the meeting, and we do not yet have a turf cut for your area, we can do that Sat. morning during the first 1/2 hour. No prior experience is necessary; just come ready to help as we reach out to voters!

Austin Carron, our new CD6 People 2 People coordinator, will be working with us on Saturday. 

Event and Time: HD 41 People to People, Sat. May 26, 2018 @ 9:30 am – 12:00 pm

Location: Arapahoe County Democratic Party, 10730 E. Bethany Dr., Ste. 240, Aurora, CO 80014

This event will repeat on the 4th Saturday of every month through October 27.

What is the People to People Campaign?

The People to People (P2P) campaign is a door to door listening campaign aimed at learning about issues our neighbors care most about, and what they want from their candidates, elected officials, and government. We’re listening to voters to make their issues our issues. This information will be shared with Democratic nominees so their campaigns resonate with constituents in terms of their values and issues.

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21 May

Join Us on June 2nd, 11am -3pm for a HD41 Potluck Picnic!

H.D. 41 is having a picnic for our house membership to provide informal time for us get to know each other, share a great potluck picnic lunch, have some fun, and participate in PCP training. We have plenty of hard work ahead as the primary and mid- term elections approach, as the saying goes “many hands make light work”. We’d like to move forward as a unified, well-trained and well-organized group. I hope you’ll be able to join us for the picnic!

The location is the Champagne Willowridge Clubhouse, 1290 E. Pacific Circle (Pacifc Circle and Warren Drive), Aurora, CO 80014. The picnic is from 11am to 3pm. 

Please RSVP to Secretary of HD41. Maureen Mrizek, if you plan on attending.

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21 May

Are you a new PCP? Learn VAN at Upcoming Training Classes

Our County has developed training sessions for new and current Precinct Committee People to attend this month, as well as in June. This training is for you to learn one of the most important tools to be successful in your role; VAN. The officers of the county and HD41 urge you to attend a training session to help broaden your knowledge of this resource.

Voter Access Network, (VAN), is an online resource that is essential to managing your precincts. To enhance your knowledge of this tool, there are several training classes happening for all PCP’s of the County. Whether needing a refresher or as someone who has never used the tool before, HD41 PCP’s should be scheduling this opportunity as soon as possible. In your role as a PCP, you are asked to use VAN for reaching out to other Democrats in your precinct, as well as other purposes.

The training dates are noted below. Each class will be limited to 10 people to allow for concentrated instruction. Bring a laptop. Do not bring your iPad or Tablet, as these do not work well with VAN, Also bring a notebook for your note taking. If you do not own a laptop, please note this in your RSVP. Once known, the trainers will try to accommodate you onto one of the PC’s in the office.

Please choose three (3) dates that will work for you from the following list. Once decided, please send an email to [email protected]. Once sent, County leadership will slot you on one of your desired dates, as well as create your log in credential to VAN. The training is available if you have never used VAN or if you would like a refresher course. If none of these dates work for you, county leadership work with you to set up sessions that will work.

1. Monday May 21 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM
2. Wednesday May 30 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM
3. Thursday May 31 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM 
4. Saturday June 2 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM 
5. Wednesday June 6 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM 
6. Thursday June 7 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM 
7. Saturday June 9 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM

All training classes will be held at the Arapahoe Democratic Office, 10730 E. Bethany Drive, Suite 240, Aurora 80014.

If any further questions, please reach out to our Chair, Jeff Moser.

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11 Mar

Welcome New PCP’s and First Time Caucus Attendees!

A big welcome to first time March 6th, HD41 Caucus attendees!

If you recently became a PCP or attended Caucus for the first time and want to know more about this thing called a “House District”- We welcome you into the HD41 Democratic Party Community!

We know you had questions on where to find things or get involved, so, we are here to help! This website is one of two resources for you to keep up to date on things happening with the Democratic Party within House District 41. We also have a companion Facebook page, HD41 Democrats for D.E.M.S,  which contains thorough information on events happening related to the District. It also house videos and pictures from past HD41 events, as an archive. 

Please follow us throughout the months ahead for information and to stay informed on whats happening. A good first step to being involved, is to come to our next House District Meeting on Thursday, March 22nd at 6:30pm. We hold them on the 4th Thursday of every month at our Arapahoe County Democratic Party Headquarters. 10730 E. Bethany Dr. in Aurora. Come out and meet your fellow Dems, and learn how to be involved.


The Officers of House District 41,

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06 Mar

Precinct Room Numbers at Overland High School

Each Precinct will have its own table in a room at Overland High School. As there are 43 Precincts that will be meeting, our Caucus will be spread out into classrooms, the cafeteria, and other areas.

To have efficiency in the check in process, we would like to ask attendees to not only know their precinct number ahead of time, but to also utilize the maps and the  posted room numbers for their meeting place. Below is a list of Room Numbers corresponding to your Precinct. Also of note, the Facilitator or Chair of the Precinct is noted. This individual is also the Precinct PCP ( Precinct Committee Person).

Please find the room corresponding to your precinct from this guide, and sign the folder to prove your attendance once in the room:


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05 Mar

What Happens at Caucus? A Video Guide

Are you a first time Caucus goer? Need to know more about Caucus? John Buckley, former Chair of the Arapahoe Democratic Party, has created this video to help you through understand the why of Caucus and what you will do while at you precinct table.  It is a must see for anyone inquiring on the process. 

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05 Mar

CAUCUS! HD41’S FAQ to the March 6th Event

Caucus for HD41 is this Tuesday, March 6th at Overland High School and Heather Gardens (for residents of Heather Gardens). To help answer questions about the event, here is a brief FAQ on what, where,  and why to get you situated

What time should I arrive at Overland High School or Heather Gardens?  Please arrive at Overland at 6pm. Doors will open at 6pm for check in, so arrive at this time. We want to make sure we can start on time for the event at 7pm. With many people in attendance, the process to get everyone in the correct place and starting on time is paramount. Please do your part so we can start promptly at 7pm by arriving early

What do I do when I arrive and who should I see? Check in if you do not know your precinct, or your room your room for the Caucus. There will be several people, divided out alphabetically with check in books, to get you information. At Overland High School, there will be several “street team’ members in the hallways and outside of the check in area, to assist you in locating your precinct, and guiding you to your room. Please look for them near the entrance to the school.

Great! So now that I know what time to arrive and who to see when I walk through the door, how can I find my precinct before arriving? Knowing your precinct before you arrive will save time. Below is a link to get you all the information you need to know about your precinct number. This tool was created by the Colorado Democratic Party for the purpose of finding your precinct.  You may also go to for additional information. 

I found my precinct and I have found my room where I am caucusing in Overland High School. So, who are these people in my classroom or table that are greeting me, and taking a leadership role as Chair? When you enter your room, you will be greeted by your caucus facilitator. He/she is an elected official of the party, with a title of Precinct Committee Person (PCP). They will be assisting you with the rules of the caucus, what you are voting on, ways you can also become a PCP, and other purposes of the caucus. They are there to help facilitate the caucus for your precinct. In some precincts of HD41, there may not be a Precinct Committee Person for your caucus. This is due to the role of the Precinct Committee Person being vacant. This by no means your precinct caucus cannot go on. If you notice there is no facilitator in your room, consider who is in the room with you, and who would like to lead your precinct. The first step in starting your caucus is to elect a Chair and a Secretary, two people who will lead you through your packet.

OK, so I have met my PCP, and he or she is helping me through my responsibilities. Who or what am I voting on, and why does it matter? Why did I even need to be here, again?        First, your attendance at the caucus is greatly appreciated! The ability of our precincts to come together in our House District to conduct important voting on candidates, elect party officials, and review platform is an important part of Civics, our community, and being a Democrat overall. You will be voting on several items in your caucus experience:

a. Elect a Precinct Committee Person- With a term of two years, the Precinct Committee Persons’ responsibility is to manage their precinct, attend House District meetings, and perform duties as directed by the County.

b. Vote and Elect Delegates to Represent Government Preference to the County Assembly on March 24th-Your precinct will choose two individuals in your precinct to attend County Assembly on March 24th. The individuals chosen can be delegates representing a candidate for Governor, or they may be Uncommitted. A vote will be taken for both interest, and for electing a delegate.

c. Approve or Amend Resolutions to be Submitted to the County Platform Committee-  HD41 has 5 current resolutions for the state platform. They will be displayed at your table for review and vote. You may also bring resolutions of your own for submission.

How long is this going to take? I have to go to work tomorrow, and I do not want to be out late tonight. Because the planners and leaders of the Caucus respect your time and your ability to attend, the caucus will not last longer than 9pm.  This could end sooner, based on how quickly your precinct is able to complete the packet, and conduct business. To leave on time, we ask that you respect the  the timeframe to check in, and officially arrive to conduct business. Please arrive at 6pm if possible. The hour between 6pm and 7pm will be used for check in. However, each precinct must begin their business for the Caucus at 7pm sharp!! 

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07 Feb

HD41 Caucus Work Day Trainings Happening Throughout February

With the HD41 Caucus right around the corner,  HD41 has scheduled several work days for volunteers and PCP’s. These classes are not only to learn more about the Caucus process, but also know what is needed as volunteer help for the evening.

Caucus Work Day Training dates: 

February 8th – 7pm to 9pm

February 15th – 7pm to 9pm


Arapahoe Democratic Party Office- 10730 Bethany Dr. Aurora, CO 80014


**Interested in Helping our Upcoming Caucus?**

With each Presidential and Mid Term year comes the need to Caucus. Most important for a smoothly run Caucus is the need for volunteer help in the logistical tasks of the meeting. Therefore,
HD 41 is holding regular weekly work nights to plan for the caucuses. These work sessions are for the HD 41 officers, captains, and volunteers who want to plan, set-up, oversee, and take-down the event.

We are looking for 20-25 volunteers to come out of these planning meetings with assigned task and direction relating to the following:

-Make signs and other materials,
-Gather other supplies before-hand and then on the night of caucus, arrive early and help to set-up the site,
-Put up signage
-Help with registration
-Trouble-shoot electors’ questions
-Direct caucus-goers in line and help them to find their correct precinct and its exact meeting location/room, i.e. classroom, cafeteria. lecture room, etc.
-Clean-up when the caucus ends.
-Collect all indoor and all outdoor signage at the site,
-Collect remaining supplies and load them in our cars and leave, etc.

Please RSVP at the following Facebook page post, or by reaching out to Chair Jeff Moser.



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04 Jan

Colorado Democrats Chair Morgan Carroll to Speak at January First Tuesday Meeting

Join many of your fellow Democrats for food and discussion on Tuesday, January 9th. Morgan Carroll, our Colorado Democrats Chair, will be the guest speaker to kick off the new year.

Please arrive at  6:30pm at the Bent Noodle Restaurant in Aurora. The address of the restaurant is  3055 S Parker Rd, Aurora, Colorado 80014. 

It is asked by the Coordinators of the group to have all attendees RSVP for the event. This ensures the restaurant can accomodate everyone who wishes to attend  Please email either one of the two individuals listed below to not only RSVP,  and to receive monthly invitations in the future from the event coordinators.

Martha Kern : [email protected]

Everett Brinson:  [email protected]

What is the First Tuesday Group?

The First Tuesday Group was formed from the volunteers of the Aurora efforts of the 2012 Barack Obama Campaign. The volunteers wanted to keep their activism alive post 2012, and hence the group was born. The group sought to remain active through a “First Tuesday” of the month meeting to talk about community and hear from community leaders. Over the years, the guest speakers have been from the Colorado legislature, activists, Aurora City Officials, and many others with a vested interest in civic life. Many of the original members of the group are strong volunteers for the Arapahoe Democrats, as well as House District leaders and organizers. The group is made up of members of several House Districts in the area.

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