31 Dec

Inauguration and Swearing In of Democratic Elected Officials this Week

With the Blue Wave hitting Colorado, we are proud to support our Democrats who will be officially taking office this week!

There are a number of swearing in and inaugural events happening in the first two weeks of January. Here is a rundown and information on how you can attend

1 . January 3rd from 11am – 1pm

Mr Crow Goes to Washington Indivisible Day of Action Event 

Link for information:

2. January 4th from 9am – 12pm

Colorado State Legislature Opening Session – Moms Demand Action

Link for Information:

3. January 8th from 11am – 12:30pm – Jena Griswold for Colorado

The Inauguration Ceremony will take place on the west steps of the Colorado Capitol building starting at 11AM.

No tickets are required for the standing public viewing area on Lincoln Street, between Colfax Avenue and 14th Avenue.

This will be the official swearing in ceremony for Secretary of State-elect Jena Griswold, Governor-elect Jared Polis, Attorney General-elect Phil Weiser, and Treasurer-elect Dave Young.

Dress warm, this is an outside event.

4. January 8th from 6:30pm- 8:00pm

Arapahoe County Elected Official Swearing in Ceremony

5. January 8th from 6:30pm to 11:30pm

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07 Feb

HD41’s Kristin Mallory-Westerbeg Elected as County Chair

Former  2nd Vice Chair of HD41, Kristin Mallory-Westerberg, was elected  Chair of the Arapahoe Democratic Party at the recently held county reorginization meeting .  The vote for Chair was 151 votes for Kristin, and 110 votes for her opponent, Rita Simas.

In her speech before the vote on Saturday , Kristin noted bringing more technology for communication to the Party by means of online tools to broadcast meetings. Also, greater outreach and opportunity with existing organizations such as COPA, Indivisible, 9 to 5 Aurora, and other groups providing advocacy to various communities in our County. Lastly, she has noted a conflict resolution board, to address means of resolving internal issues to the Arapahoe Democratic Party.

Kristin will assume the term for 2 yrs, until the 2021 reorginization meeting . Lets congratulate our Chair, as we move forward during the next two years by continuing the Blue Wave!

Below is video of Kristin’s first order of business. As the mantel is passed from Mary Ellen Wolf to Kristin, she calls for a  nomination of vote for her 1st Vice Chair, Cindy Lewis.

Congratulations to HD41's Kristin Mallory-Westerberg, on her new leadership role as Chair of the Arapahoe Democratic Party! Today's voting results from the Arapahoe Democrats Central Committee was 151 votes for Kristin, and 110 votes for Rita Simas. As our former Chair Mary Ellen Wolf exits her role, Kristin assumes the role of leadership in her first order of business in this video.

Posted by HD41 Democrats for DEMS on Saturday, February 2, 2019


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07 Feb

Nine HD41 Members Elected to State and District Committees

Nine members of HD41 were selected to represent the State and District Committees at the Arapahoe County Reorginization Meeting. This is the most of any House District in the County.

Congratulations to the following House District 41 members who were elected to District and State Party Committees:

Jeff Moser: State Central, Executive, CD6, & Judicial 18
Kunle Taiwo: State Central, Executive, CD6, & Judicial 18
Arnie Schultz: State Central, Executive, CD6, & Judicial 18
Michael Westerberg: State Central & Judicial 18
Karlton Culig: State Central & Judicial 18

Gale Drexler: State Central, Executive, CD6, & Judicial 18
Nancy Jackson: State Central and Judicial 18
Martha Karnopp: State Central, CD6, & Judicial 18
Kelsey Fritz: State Central & CD6

A complete list of officers is noted in the link below. The first meeting of the State Central and Executive Committee will be March 9th at State Reorginization Meeting. A meeting of the new members to the CD6 Committee will also take place at the State Reorginization, to elect the Officers of the Committee.

For any additional questions on these Committees and what they do, please consult your House District members to these committees.

2019 ReOrg Results

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07 Feb

New House District 41 Officers Elected for 2019-2021 Terms

On Saturday, February 2nd at the Arapahoe County Democrats Rerorginization Meeting,  House District 41 elected its new Officers to serve terms of 2 years. Officers were also selected for the two Senate Districts located within our House District, Senate District 26 and Senate District 28, and County Commissioner District 4.

Coming from her role as House District 41 Secretary into the Chair Role is Maureen Mrizek. Maureen led our House District from 2016-2018, not only in accurate record keeping in her duties as Secretary, but also in outreach, volunteering for candidates, and being instrumental in getting local businesses to donate over $10,000 in needed decorations for our annual Pat Schroeder Dinner fundraiser. She brings many years of political experience into the position, and greatly looks forward to leading House District 41.

To support the needs of the Chair, the following individuals were selected to fulfill officer positions on our Board:

1st Vice Chair – Kunle Taiwo

2nd Vice Chair– Karlton Culig

Secretary – Cayenna Johnson

Treasurer– Martha Kern

Platform Committee– Patricia Noonan

Rules Committee – Gayle Drexler

Social Media and Internet – David Lightowler

Senate District 28

Chair: Meredith Phillips

1st Vice Chair: Scott Brown

Secretary: Kelsey Fritz

Treasurer: Cheryl Hutchison

Senate District 26

Chair: Lin Sunshine

1st Vice Chair: Cindy Lewis

2nd Vice Chair: Amanda Martin

Secretary: M. Susan Murphy-Jacobs

Treasurer: Robert Solem

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31 Jan

Arapahoe County Reorginization is this Saturday- What You Need to Know

The Arapahoe Democratic Party will meet this Saturday, February 2nd, at Gateway High School for its biannual meeting. This meeting will  elect new County Party Officers, State Central and Executive Committee Officers, House District Officers, and Officers to our various Districts. Members of the Central Committee of the County will vote for candidates of these positions.

More information regarding the Reorginization Meeting is noted below.

***PCP’s of House District 41 will have the opportunity vote on our new House District leadership. Candidates are noted in the blog post, “Candidates for County and House District Positions – Who to Vote for this Saturday” .***  

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Check-in 9 AM, Gavel 10 AM

Gateway High School 1300 S Sable Blvd, Aurora, CO 80012

What is Reorganization? In February of each odd-numbered year, the Arapahoe County Democratic Party undergoes a reorganization, in which all elected positions in the County Party (with the exception of PCPs, who are elected at caucus) are up for election/re-election to a 2-year term.  This includes the five County officers (Chair, Vice Chair, 2nd Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer), and the officers of each House District, Senate District, and County Commissioner District (Chair, Vice Chair, 2nd Vice chair, Secretary and Treasurer).  In addition, members are elected to a variety of county-wide committees, multi-county districts and the State Party Executive and Central committees.

Who can vote? Members of the County Central Committee are credentialed to vote in this election. They include precinct committee people, captains, the officers who reside in the county of each House District, Senate District, Congressional District, Judicial District, County Commissioner District, Captains, and the officers of the Central Committee. All Democrats elected to office at the county, state and national levels who reside in the county are also members of the Central Committee.

How do I know if I have a vote? Members of the Central Committee will receive an official call by email no later than ten days prior to the meeting. Those for whom we do not have a valid email will receive a call by mail.

Are Proxies allowed? Members of the Central Committee may assign their proxy. Proxies should be assigned to another Democrat from the same districts – congressional, house, senate, and commissioner. Proxy forms will be mailed with the official call.

How will the elections be conducted? At reorganization we will first elect new county party officers, then go into breakout sessions for officer elections in senate, commissioner and house districts. Multi-county districts will elect members who will attend meeting to be held at a later date. Members of Congressional Districts, Judicial District 18, State Exec and State Central will be elected by printed ballot.

Who can run for an office? You don’t need to be a PCP or other member of the County Central Committee to run for these positions.  You just need to be a registered Democrat in the relevant district.

How do I run? We are asking everyone who wishes to run for office(s) to submit letters of intent for those offices. (An email is fine.) Send them to [email protected] by Tuesday, January 29. This is particularly important for those who want to be on the printed ballots for the highly contested positions on State Central and State Exec.

If you are not a credentialed voting member, please have your precinct number with you to save time at guest check-in. You can locate your precinct number here.

Are nominations from the floor allowed? Yes. Many district offices may not have declared candidates in advance.

What positions are open?

  • Chair, 1st Vice Chair, 2nd Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer of:
    • County Party
    • House Districts 3, 36, 37, 38, 40, 41, 42
    • Senate Districts 26, 27, 28, 29
    • County Commission Districts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
  • Members to:
    • Judicial District 18 (printed ballot)
    • Congressional Districts 1, 4, 6 (printed ballot)
    • CDP Executive Committee (printed ballot)
    • CDP Central Committee (printed ballot)
    • Multi-county Districts HD9, HD56, SD 31 (Breakout meetings)

What are the duties of all these positions? You can download further information about the various committees and the duties of their officers here.

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27 Jan

Congressional District 6 Representative Jason Crow to hold Town Hall January 31st in Aurora

In 2018, U.S. Congressional District 6 elected Democrat Jason Crow, to be our representation in Washington. The entirety of House District 41 is represented in the U.S House of Representatives by Jason Crow.  This will be Representative Crows’ first Town Hall since being elected.

The Servant Leadership Begins with Listening Town Hall, is an open Town Hall format, which will be held at the Aurora Municipal Center. RSVP is requested. Links to RSVP are noted in our Party Calendar post of the event, on January 31st.

Doors to the auditorium will open at 6:15pm, with the event starting promptly at 6:30pm.

A note from Jason Crow about the Event:

Servant Leadership Begins with Listening. 

As your representative, I pledge to be a servant leader: someone who is a servant of those they are chosen to lead. That’s why my first town hall will be a listening session so you can tell me the issues most important to you.

Come join us on Thursday, January 31 to share your thoughts so I can take your priorities back to Washington



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20 Jan

HD41 Monthly Meeting Thursday, January 24th

The Monthly Meeting for House District 41 will be this Thursday, January 24th, starting at 6:30pm, Our Chair, Jeff Moser, has updated the agenda.

This will be our Chairs’ last meeting as the County Reorginization Meeting on February, 2, 2019, will select a new Chair and other Officers for HD41. Jeff has done a wonderful job over the years, and we will be sure to thank him for his service to HD41.

The Monthly Meeting for House District 41 will occur on the 4th Thursday of the month, January 24th.

UPDATE: The Agenda for the upcoming January Meeting has been posted by our Chair Jeff Moser:

6:30- 7:00
Come Early for fellowship with fellow Dems and neighbors. Light snacks, refreshments, and wine served.

The meeting will begin at 7:00 p.m. sharp.

Opening – Welcome — Call to Order – Flag Salute Call for General Orders – Adopt Agenda — Adopt Minutes of Oct. 25 (There are no minutes from Nov., since we did not meet – we voted! — the Holiday

Introduce Party Leaders & Elected Officials — Legis. Report/Session Update

Unfinished Business/Reports

Report: Several attended the Election Celebration & Holiday Party at Molcajete on Dec. 11. Greetings and remarks were delivered by the officers, Sen. Todd, Comm. Jackson, candidates for county and district party offices and anyone who wanted to speak. Thanks to everyone who attended, helped to s t-up, and thanks to Maureen, Martha, and Kunle who planned the event!

7:20 New Business – Discussion Items

-Candidates for Re-org – Saturday, February 2, 2019, Check-in 9:00 AM, Gavel 10:00 AM, Gateway High School, 1300 S Sable Blvd, Aurora, CO 80012*

-State Re-org, Auction, and Obama Dinner, Sat. Mar. 9:
Any multi-county re-org meetings will be held on the same date (Judicial District, Congressional District, Multi-County Districts, and officer elections for state initiatives.) Sheraton Downtown. Only newly elected Members of the State Central Committee can vote, but it is open to the public. Sign-In 7:00 AM, Gavel 10:00, Dinner is at 7:00pm

7:30 -8:25
Remarks by those seeking House District & County Party positions (5 minutes a piece)Working List of Candidates:

HD 41 Chair: Maureen Mrizek; 
1st Vice Chair: Kunle Taiwo; 
2nd Vice Chair: Karlton Culig and Naomi Taggart; 
Secretary: Carolyn Edwards; 
Treasurer: Martha Kern; Rules, Platform, Outreach: No Candidates as of Writing.  
County Chair: Kristin Mallory and Rita Simas; 
Other District Offices & Committees:

8:25 – 8:30 
Final Announcements & Adjourn

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03 Dec

Colorado Democrats Obama Dinner Tickets and Award Nominations

The Colorado Democratic Party has announced the date of its annual Obama Diner. Tickets are on sale now for the event, and nominations are being accepted for various accolades awarded to individuals each year. The event will be held this year on March 9th at the Sheraton Downtown Denver Hotel,

To nominate for the following awards, please click on the link below:

  1. Rising Star
  2. Volunteer of the Year
  3. Murphy Roberts Young Volunteer of the Year
  4. Democrat of the Year
  5. Lifetime Achievement

Tickets for the event are on sales now, and can be found at the following link:

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03 Dec

Find Out More About Officer Positions at the Upcoming County Reorginization Meeting

In odd numbered years the Democratic Party meets to reorganize its committees. New officers are elected for all districts. The Arapahoe County Democratic Party will hold its reorg meeting during the first two weeks of February to elect new officers for the county party, the house districts, senate districts, and commissioner districts. We will also elect members to the Colorado Democratic Party State Executive and State Central committees. Any Democrat residing in a district can run for its offices, but only members of the county central committee are eligible to vote. (PCP’s, Captains, district officers, and elected officials)

We encourage everyone to consider taking on a leadership role. If you are interested in running and want to know more, we are holding an informational meeting for you to ask questions about the duties of these offices and how to run.

Monday December 10, 2018  6:30 PM
Arapahoe Democrats Office
10730 E Bethany Drive, Ste 240, Aurora, CO 80014

If you decide to run for a party office, please send a letter of intent to run, (email is fine) giving us your name, contact information, and the office(s) you would like to stand for. Letters of intent will be due 10 days prior to the February meeting. Please send your letter to [email protected]

You will receive more information once our time and location are confirmed. Current members of the central committee will get an official call at least ten days prior to the meeting. Also, watch our website for additional details.

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03 Dec

Tis the Season! Three Holiday Parties to Celebrate

Tis the Season to Celebrate with you fellow Democrats, friends and neighbors! Three parties, including HD41’s annual end of the year gathering will be occurring in the coming weeks.

First Tuesday Action Group will host their annual Holiday Party at the Bent Noodle Restaurant, this coming Tuesday, December 4th. A small item donation to the Giving Place is suggested. A buffet and Cash Bar will be provided. More information on the event can be found at the link below.

The Arapahoe County Democrats will host their annual party this coming Thursday, at El Tequileno Family Restaurant. A donation is also suggested for this event for Mango House. More information can also be found at the link below:

And for the holiday party finale, our own House District 41 will host its annual Holiday Party on Tuesday, December 11th. The event will be held at Molcajete Mexican Restaurant. More details for the event can be found below.

All three events will celebrate our wins, and be a way to reflect back on a great year. Please join us in these celebrations and Happy Holidays!

House District 41 Election Celebration & Holiday Party

Arapahoe Democratics Holiday Party

First Tuesday Action Group- Holiday Party

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