10 Apr

HD41 Day at the Capitol Join Us on April 12th!

Chair Jeff Moser recently posted the agenda for our day at the Capitol on April 12th. Please RSVP with Jeff or Sandy Reavey before April 12 to attend.


HD 41 Day at the Capitol
8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Jeff Moser at 720-354-6605 / [email protected]
Sandy Reavey at 303-995-8199 / [email protected]

8:00-8:15 a.m. Arrive at Capitol: Either enter security clearance on the North side of Capitol (Colfax & Sherman entrance), through middle door at the top of the steps. This is the preferred entrance for the public and is 1st floor North wing and where people can sign the Capitol guest book, OR enter on South side of Capitol (14th & Sherman), through SE door (ADA accessible), which is Ground floor/Basement level – There is construction going on yet people can still enter here; then come to 2nd floor. There are two elevators on the right after security at this location.

8:30 a.m. Meet Sargent of Arms outside of House chamber on 2nd floor to join Rep. Jovan Melton. There are 20 seats reserved for HD 41. We can remain on the floor until the House adjourns (usually around 10:00 a.m.). Exit the floor at 9:50 to join the tour for HD 41.

10:00 Capitol Historical Tour for HD 41 – Meet at Visitors Services Desk, which is located on the 1st floor North wing – 10 people may join this private tour. This tour will last 45 minutes.

10:30-11:00 — Break. After the house adjourns, congregate in Cafeteria, which is located in the Basement/Ground level – There are vending machines, booths, benches, and rest rooms.

***Legislator Meet N’ Greet – This is our chance to meet one-on-one with Rep. Melton, Sen. Nancy Todd, Sen. Daniel Kagan and other lawmakers from Arapahoe Co. and their staff who are able to come to the Cafeteria and greet and speak with us or join us on 1st Floor at 11:30.***

11:30 — HD 41 Group Photo, on steps outside the North Door, 1st Floor, if good weather OR we will take photo inside – Hopefully, the House and Senate will have adjourned for the morning so our legislators from Arapahoe County can join us in the photo. They have been adjourning around 10:00/10:30 but you never know; sometimes they go right up to noon or beyond.

12:00-1:00/1:15 — Lunch on own. Our group or sub-groups may wish to walk to any of the restaurants/cafés that are located close to the Capitol – Chinese, Pizza, Middle Eastern, Vietnamese, Cajun, Indian, Burger Joints, and other choices, or can eat right in the Capitol at the Cafeteria or some may just wish to go home/return to work at this time

Afternoon: Attend Committee Meetings – Observe testimony and how a bill becomes law
1:30 p.m. House State Affairs Committee Meeting — Rep. Jovan Melton is on this committee in Room LDB A, Meets in Legislative Services Building Hearing Room A – He will have a bill up!

1:30 Senate Judiciary Committee Meeting –– Sen. Daniel Kagan is on this committee, Meets in Senate Committee Room 352, which is on the 3rd floor

Other committees will be meeting as well. See complete committee list and schedules at Click on the three bars in upper right corner to locate tabs.

2:00 p.m. 2nd Public Tour (Optional) – This is the Dome Tour – Meet at Visitors Services Desk located on 1st floor North wing – Tour lasts 1 hour. 5-6 people can join this public tours – maximum 10 people each group. The Building portion lasts 45 minutes and the final 15 minutes goes up to the Observation Deck – There is a Virtual Tour on 3rd floor for those who are not able or who do not care to join the last 15 minutes to the Dome that involves 99 steps!


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03 Apr

Morgan Carroll to Speak this Tuesday at First Tuesday Group Meeting

Morgan Carroll, Colorado Democratic Party Chair, will be speaking this Tuesday, April 4th at the upcoming First Tuesday Group meeting. The event will be held at the Bent Noodle Restaurant in Aurora, just off Dartmouth St and Parker. Please RSVP for the event below.

What is the First Tuesday Group?

The First Tuesday Group was formed from the volunteers of the Aurora efforts of the 2012 Barack Obama Campaign. The volunteers wanted to keep their activism alive post 2012, and hence the group was born. The group sought to remain active through a “First Tuesday” of the month meeting to talk about community and hear from community leaders. Over the years, the guest speakers have been from the Colorado legislature, activists, Aurora City Officials, and many others with a vested interest in civic life. Many of the original members of the group are strong volunteers for the Arapahoe Democrats, as well as House District leaders and organizers. The group is made up of members of several House Districts in the area.

Event Agenda

We are happy to announce that Arapahoe County’s own MORGAN CARROLL, the new Colorado Democratic Party Chair, will be our First Tuesday Group Speaker. Morgan was elected at the Colorado Democrats Central Committee meeting with 91%of the vote. Morgan will present her plans and objectives to lead the Colorado Democratic Party forward.



RSVP Here:






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24 Mar

Agenda for HD41 Monthly Meeting- March 27th


House District 41 Democrats, Monday, March 27, 2017

6:45 to 7:00 Meet n’ Greet – Refreshments

7:00 to 8:30 p.m. Meeting and Program

Arapahoe County Democratic Party Headquarters

Arapahoe Co. Democratic Party Headquarters, 10730 E. Bethany Drive, Ste. 240, Aurora, CO 80014 (map)


DRAFT Agenda  

Opening: Welcome & Call to Order – Flag Salute

Call for General Orders – Adopt Agenda

Adopt Minutes from February 27, 2017

7:05 p.m. Officers’ Reports & Committee Reports

  • Communications / Media & Technology : Newsletter
  • Finance & Events/Fundraising
  • Outreach/ Organizing : Work Day(s)
  • Platform/Resolutions


Introduce Party Leaders and Elected Officials Present

7:15 p.m. Legislative Report/Session update – HD 41 Rep. Jovan Melton, plus reports by other lawmakers, if they are present


7:30 – 8:00 p.m.: 2017 Local Non-partisan Races

Guest speaker Arnie Schultz, former Chair of HD 41. Mr. Schultz will be speaking about the Aurora city council and his work on issues and projects vital to Aurora and getting input. Q&A.


Guest speaker Molly Markert, former member of the Aurora City Council in Colorado, representing Ward 4 from 2003 to 2015. Ms. Markert will be speaking about the Aurora City Council and about Aurora’s priorities and getting input. Q&A.


8:00 – 8:30 (less or more time if needed)

Unfinished Business –

  • HD 41 Day at the Capitol, Wed., April 12 – Current Plans and Sign-Up

New Business – Discussion/Action Items

  • PCP Training 2) Other?


Final Announcements & Adjourn – Next Meeting Monday, April 24, 2017

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19 Mar

A Review of The Last Bill, A Senator’s Story

Former State Senator Linda Newell premiered her new documentary today at the Alamo Cinema in Littleton.  David Lightowler of HD41 presents a review of her film, as well information regarding Linda’s intentions with this new venture. 

While doing a great deal of canvassing, calling, and leading efforts in the community over the years, it became evident to me how much most of my Colorado neighbors lacked knowledge of their local government.  The dropoff in voter participation in down ballot voting, and how to solve this problem, raises the question as to what we could be doing better to advertise our state government. Couple this with off year municipal and June primary elections having low voter turnout, and one can see how a plan for greater voter education is needed.

Linda Newell’s new documentary, The Last Bill,  A Senator’s Story, seeks to be “the teacher” to this cause.  Its goal is implied in the films name; To help others understand the process of how a bill becomes a law in our state. We see this process first hand throughout the film. We are also introduced to many other aspects of state government.

As Senator, Linda is open to sharing her life in being a representative of the people. Often strenuous, emotional, but ultimately rewarding, Linda is candid in her explanation of the job.  We see the emotion of sucesses and failures, as well as how being a public servant affected her life for her two, four year terms. We see a side story as well from her daughters. Having Mom as a Senator, her daughters explain, meant nights of bringing cocoa to Mom, or being the encouragement needed while campaigning. You get a sense that family and support for Linda while doing this job, is paramount. How much she gives to listen and lead for the people, must be balanced by what is personal to her.

The documentary starts with an opening shot of our Capitol in Denver. We see the outside of the Capitol on Capitol Hill, the various chambers and many of the goings on and day to day life inside. Linda notes at this point in the film, “People always ask me how Washington is, and I tell them, its a great town, but I have not been there in awhile“.  As a former campaign manger of a State Senator, I can attest to this statement. Again, alluding to the education we must better advertise about local government.  Her daughter goes on to note that, “What is done in the State Capitol, is 95% of what Coloradans see as law in their lives“. From this statement, we get a sense of where the film is going. What is the “Last Bill “, and who is Senator Linda Newell?  What does she do everyday?

We have set the stage for the 1st Act, and now the show is ready to begin….

The scene quickly cuts to Linda testifying in the Senate Chamber. We see the focus of the story, SB 147, a bill which is meant to adopt a suicide prevention program for Colorado. Linda is testifying in the Chamber regarding what the bill seeks to do, and why it is important. Her words are compelling and emotional in its support. As you are watching this you may ask yourself,  “how can something like this fail to be passed?”

Enter Senator from District 15, (Loveland, Estes Park), Kevin Lundberg.

We see Lundberg hearing Linda’s testimony on its passage. As we are watching this, the scene overlaps with Lundberg noting the responsibilities of Committees. It is here where we are told one of the most important messages of the documentary. Lundberg notes there are elected officials who follow complete “party line”- and then there are those that reach across the aisle. Democrats and Republicans, of course, are two parties with opposing viewpoints- but yet, Lundberg notes, it is healthy.

Many of us know, opposing party viewpoints have produced great gridlock in Washington over the last several years.  Lundberg notes a contrast in Colorado to Washington, with state bipartisanship. State party Republicans and Democrats must have a “broader acceptance” than Washington in working together. We see this overall in how state bills tend to get passed at a far greater pace than our federal process.  Of course, there are still disagreements and many bills never pass.  But with 95 percent of law for a state in the hands of our State Reps, the cause of working together is much more literal

While Lundberg is explaining how the parties work to both agree and oppose, the narrative is overlapped with a scene of the bill being challenged by him and other Republicans in Committee. After a brief explanation of opposing viewpoints from Lundberg and others, we find out the bill does not make it out of Committee.

At this point, all seems lost for Linda’s efforts. However, another important civics lesson is noted as the film progresses. Even though the bill appears to be killed, the scene shifts back to Linda where we learn about revisions and appeals. Where does a rejected bill go from here, and could it have a chance? Linda explains the committee process in a flow chart, as well as what a stakeholder is all about. We see things getting a bit more complex with SB 147. How can it survive, and what will Linda do to save it? The conclusion of the film and how the bill turns out is for you to discover and see.

For those of you who could not make it today, expect the film to be coming to Rocky Mountain PBS or another media outlet near you soon. In Q&A after the film, Linda noted it is now her intention to share the film with schools and create a printed companion piece for students.  She asked her audience to support her in efforts to share the film with political groups, media sources and outlets, or others that would like to host a showing. As we see more involved with activism in the wake of  the Trump election, the film can serve to help people learn how the state creates legislation.

I had a chance to speak Linda before and after the film. She noted that this will be a first in hopefully a series of documentaries for civic education. I personally think a film on volunteering and field organizing/being a field organizer is needed, (Hey Linda, you can follow me around with crew anytime)! 

My suggestion was one of many, and yours should be noted to.  Linda wants to encourage viewers to provide feedback on what they saw, in particular what they want to see in the future from the production team. Please help share your ideas by contacting Linda. I have included a link to her Facebook page and website below.

Overall, I highly recommend viewing this documentary or recommending it to a friend. I also recommend that you share topics on what you would like to see in the future. We are all in a sense, the educators. Linda has given us another tool to share with others, as she embarks on her second venture to represent people- film making. I look forward to future productions from her and her team.

Resources associated to the film:  

See the trailer for the film here:

See the text of SB 147 here: ).

Linda’s website:

Linda’s Facebook Page:









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10 Mar

Full State Reorg Schedule-Rooms & Times

Schedule: Rooms, Times, & Democratic Party Initiatives Added

A full schedule of the days meetings with rooms and times is noted at these links. Use it as digital guide for navigating the Hotel this coming Saturday.













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06 Mar

More Info on our HD41 Work Day – March 19th


What: HD41 will hold its first of many Works Days on March 19th at 1pm.  The meeting will take place at Arapahoe Democratic Party HQ – (10730 Bethany St. Aurora, CO 80016). All PCP’s of HD41, as well as those who want to volunteer in the House District are encouraged to attend.

About: Our Chair Jeff Moser has indicated, “this is the highest number of PCP’s the House District has had in quite some time”. This number is indicative of a trend across the country of more people wanting to be involved. Many want to focus on resisting the policies of Trumps’ presidency, and the agenda being imposed with the current GOP Congressional majority.

The Platform of 2016 represents an ideology of change in the Democratic Party.  This change has served to attract more people wanting to manifest the ideas of our platform, as well as further it. Senator Bernie Sanders indicated at the Democratic National Convention, “We’ve produced, by far, the most progressive platform in the history of the Democratic Party”.

Noting the people wanting to be involved increasing, a motion with an approved vote was made at our recent HD41 meeting to create a “Work Day”. Kristin Mallory, our 2nd Vice Chair, opened the motion to develop a “Work Day” to discuss, create, and manifest a set of committees for the  HD41 community.The meeting will consist of  outlining issues and putting them into committee to focus on resolution  The theme of the Work Day consists of “How to be Involved”. Other details, as well as the meetings’ agenda are forthcoming. But the goal is to have working committees with a plan of outreach by the end of the day.

Reaching voters, many who felt disenfranchised or left out, has served to be a focus of our Party going forward. Much of our post 2016 election discussion has focused on that message. The Work Day looks to address this focus by finding a common thread in our community to the issues people care about. Many voters see their motivation to vote in the likability/make up of a candidate. But for most, what attracts them is how issues oriented the candidate is to a cause.

Going forward, shared issues will not only be of importance to Democrats, but also Unaffiliated/Independent voters. The passage of Ballot Initiatives 107 and 108, which opens Primary voting to Unaffiliated/Independents, makes it more important than ever that our message is heard and relevant. Even some Libertarians and Republicans may see how our platform and Democratic Party values are the way to proceed forward in America.

Where do I sign up or RSVP?  

To note your intention to attend, please go to the “HD41 Work Day” Tab, located at the top page of our home page. Please complete the fields as needed. This will be your RSVP for the meeting, as well as a means for us to contact you regarding the agenda for the day, and communication going forward.


For further information, please contact our 2nd Vice Chair, Kristin Mallory at:

Phone: 720-383-0874

Email: [email protected].



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04 Mar

Colorado Democratic Party State Reorganization Schedule

The schedule for the Colorado Democratic Party State Reorganization Meeting is below. If you are attending as a voting member or observer, please note the rooms and times of the meetings upon your arrival at the Hotel.

Getting there from HD41: 

The site of the event, The Denver City Center Marriott, is the last train stop on the RTD H Line from Nine Mile Station. The train stop at 18th and California drops you off directly in front of the Hotel.

Other Happenings: 

  • Besides the committee and district meetings, there will also be Democratic Party Initiative meetings. The Colorado Democratic Party has several initiatives that are intended to focus on specific needs in our community. When you arrive at the Hotel, ask your check in host for the schedule. You may also contact the Chairs of the Initiatives directly, noted in the link below.
  •  Colorado Democratic Party Initiatives:
  • The day also includes the 84th Annual Dinner for the Colorado Democrats at 7pm. The featured speaker is  Jason Kander, former Missouri Secretary of State and Let America Vote founder. Tickets are $150.00 and can be found at the link noted in our calendar event page.
  • The Colorado Young Democrats are hosting the “Colorado Democrats Dinner After Party” at The Broker. The event begins at 10pm. Tickets to the event start at $5.00. Please see the link in our calendar event page for location and to purchase tickets.


Colorado Democratic Party
Organizational Meeting
Saturday, March 11, 2017 
Registration: 8:00 – 9:30 am
Seating of Alternates: 9:30 am
Gavel: 10:00 am
Marriott Denver City Center
1701 California, Denver, Colorado

Agenda – State Organizational Meeting
1. Call to Order
2. Election of Chair
3. Election of 1st Vice Chair
4. Election of 2nd Vice Chair
5. Election of Secretary
6. Election of Treasurer
7. Election of State Executive Committee Representatives from Rural Regions
8. New Business

Multi-County Districts
Saturday, March 11, 2017 

8:15 – 8:45 am – Judicial Districts
JD 1, JD 3, JD 4, JD 5, JD7, JD 8, JD 9, JD 11, JD 12, JD 13, JD 14, JD 15, JD 16, JD 17, JD 18, JD 22

8:45 – 9:15 am – Senate Districts
SD 1, SD 2, SD 5, SD 8, SD 16, SD 23, SD 35

9:15 – 9:45 am – House Districts (except HD 61)
HD 13, HD 26, HD 33, HD 39, HD 47, HD 54, HD 56, HD 57, HD 58, HD 60, HD 62, HD 64, HD 65

1:00 – 3:00 pm – Congressional Districts
CD 1, CD 2, CD 3, CD 4, CD 5, CD 6

3:30 – 4:00 pm – House District 61

Agenda – Multi County Districts
1. Call to Order
2. Election of Officers
3. Establish Vacancy Committee
4. New Business


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04 Mar

Tickets On Sale Now! Linda Newell’s Documentary- The Last Bill

BUY TICKETS TODAY – See Below for Details

A message from Linda Newell, former Senator of SD26 regarding her new film, The Last Bill- A Senator’s Story

Former Constituents and Friends, 

Tickets go on sale TONIGHT! Hope you can join me!
___________________________________________________________This is our first mini-documentary event to help inform people about government, from an insider’s perspective. Here, you’ll see how your government really works, from the inside.

Tickets for the Premiere on sale tonight!See details and purchase at:

The Last Bill, A Senator’s Story

March 18thAlamo Drafthouse in Littleton, Colorado
12:15pm and 2:00pm

Two showings with Q&A discussions with the producer, Senator Newell, Senator Kevin Lundberg (invited), and production team about the film and future plans for citizen engagement.

Hope you can join us for photos on the red carpet
at 11:30am or 1:15pm!

Watch the Trailer HereOn YouTube:

On Facebook:


In my last session, through a collaboration with the Colorado Film School and Indie Denver Media Productions, we filmed this short behind-the-scenes documentary of a senator’s real-life story carrying a bill through the legislature.

Here, you’ll see from an inside view how difficult it can be to turn a bill into law.  As you follow Senator Newell (joined by Senator Kevin Lundberg) through the process, she works her bills of suicide prevention and intentional misrepresentation of service animals, being challenged from across the aisle, attempting bipartisanship, all with a bit of humor and fortitude.

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26 Feb


Our Chair of HD41, Jeff Moser, recently announced the Agenda of our upcoming HD41 Meeting.

House District 41 Democrats, Monday, February 27, 2017

6:45 to 7:00 Meet n’ Greet – Refreshments

7:00 to 8:30 p.m. Meeting and Program

Arapahoe County Democratic Party Headquarters

Arapahoe Co. Democratic Party Headquarters, 10730 E. Bethany Drive, Ste. 240, Aurora, CO 80014 (map)

DRAFT Agenda  

Opening: Welcome & Call to Order – Flag Salute

Call for General Orders – Adopt Agenda

Adopt Minutes from January 23, 2017

Introduce New Officers, followed by Officer Reports

Introduce Party Leaders and Elected Officials Present

7:10 p.m. State Legislative report/Session update – Rep. Melton & Other Lawmakers


7:20 – 8:00 p.m.: Candidates for State Office

Guest speaker Barbara Jones. Ms. Jones will be speaking about her candidacy for State Party chair and getting input. Q&A.


Guest speaker Rita Simas. Ms. Simas be speaking about her candidacy for State Party treasurer and getting input. Q&A.


Guest speaker Gil Barela. Mr. Barela be speaking about his candidacy for State Party 1st vice chair and getting input. Q&A.


8:00 – 8:30 (less or more time if needed)

Unfinished Business –

New Business – Discussion/Action Items

  1. Post County Re-org Thoughts & Ideas
  2. PCP Training & What All of Us need to Do NEXT!!
  3. HD 41 Day at the Capitol
  4. HD 41 Committees: 1) Platform/Resolutions 2) Outreach/Organizing 3) Finance & Events/Fundraising 4) Communication/ Media & Technology. Following adjournment meet with chairs and sign-up, set the date(s) for committee meeting(s)

Final Announcements & Adjourn

*State Re-org and Dinner will be held at Denver Marriott City Center, Sat., March 11: Sign-in: 8:00 a.m.; Seating of Alternates 9:30; Gavel: 10:00. **Next HD 41 Meeting Mon., March 27

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25 Feb

Mike Coffmann’s Remarks About Future Events

CD 6  Representative Mike Coffmann notes his activities while “back home” in his district on Congressional Break from February 20-25, 2017. He comments on future events, in particular a Town Hall in April. Encourage your fellow Dems to follow him o n Facebook or through his website. Be sure to sign up for his newsletter as well.  It will be important for us to make sure our message is being heard, and he is addressing them.

Lets make sure we are loud and proud when he comes back in April to address his District.

Listening to the People
Dear Friend:
When Congress headed into its weeklong district work period this week, I returned home to hear from those who are impacted by the Affordable Care Act (ACA). I wanted to hear about what works, what doesn’t and most importantly, how we can make our healthcare system more responsive and patient-centered. My strategy for doing has three separate, yet equally important parts.
The first phase of this process is what I titled the ‘ACA Listening Tour’. This part consisted of meetings with patients, healthcare providers and patient advocacy groups who find themselves in the front lines of the patient experience. The listening tour took me all across the 6th Congressional district, including facilities outside our boundaries that also serve our constituents. I was able to tour the laboratories where the treatments of tomorrow are being developed, community health clinics, where I spoke with doctors and their staffs about what they see on a daily basis, and most importantly, heard directly from patients about how the ACA has impacted them and their families.
Many in this broad pool of professionals, patients and advocacy groups with whom I spoke were concerned about the same things, specifically: maintaining access to healthcare, containing the rising costs of health insurance, and the need for reform.  This input has reaffirmed my belief that we need to keep protect the existing consumer protections under the ACA. These protections include preserving access for those with pre-existing conditions and requiring insurance carriers to allow young people to stay in their parents plan until the age of 26.
The second phase of this will take place in March. Congress will be in session every week during March and we will begin to see healthcare reform legislation introduced.  I am currently planning to hold two tele-town halls in March. These tele-town halls will allow me to invite thousands of residents from our district to participate and will give me a chance to listen to them. As the congressional calendar becomes clearer, I will post additional information on my website on the details on how you and your loved ones can participate. My conversation with constituents through these tele-town halls will help guide me when the time comes to cast my vote.
The third phase of my constituent outreach plan is to hold a ‘traditional’ town hall meeting in the April district work period that runs from the 10th thru the 21st of April.  I have instructed my staff to help secure a location large enough to make sure we can accommodate all those wishing to attend. In this event, I will cover what has happened legislatively and what we can expect moving forward with healthcare reform. More information on the date/location of this event will be made available in early April on my website for those that wish to attend.
Lastly, I want to remind everyone that you can follow me on Facebook or Twitter to get daily updates on how I’m working for you, both at home and in Washington, D.C.
U.S. Congressman Mike Coffman
Mike Coffman
U.S. Representative

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