• 10:00 am        Gavel


    10:05 am        Pledge of Allegiance    


    10:07 am        Welcome – CDP Chair Morgan Carroll                                                                                        


    10:10 am        Approval of Minutes – Bob Seay


    10:15 am        Election of First Vice-Chair                                                         

                            Nominations, 2nd, Candidate speeches 

                             5 minutes total (nominator, seconder & candidate)                                                   each candidate


    (Business will continue while ballots are counted)


    10:25 am        Treasurers Report – Rita Simas

       • Presentation of 2019 Proposed Budget (attached)

       • 2018 Budget Status update            


    11: 10 am    Election Recap and Preview 2019 & 2020 from CDP Chair Morgan Carroll                               




    If you are an Alternate the the Executive Committee:  Alternates will be seated based on which Executive Committee Members do not attend, from the same County or Congressional District, based on the time of check-in by the Alternate (earliest first).  If you are seated as an Alternate you have the same full voting rights as a Member.  If you are not seated, you are still welcome to attend (but cannot vote).