Your HD41 CO Officers

Meet Your Officers

Jeff Moser


As Chair, I will lead our Districts’ support of Representative Jovan Melton as well as Senators Nancy Todd and Daniel Kagan, whose Senate Districts’ 28 and 26 encompass our House District.

This year we have the highest number of PCPs we have ever had in HD41. This means that we need to continue with broadening and innovating our approach to grow volunteers, raise funds that support our candidates and party, welcome more new members, and reach out to more and more voters with generosity and genuineness. It is important that volunteers work together and support our party leaders ...

Kunle Taiwo

1st Vice Chair

We don't have to all think alike. But we have to unify around our core values found in our Democratic Party Platform. We need to continue to build on the strength of our party, which is based ...

Kristin Mallory

2nd Vice Chair

Self proclaimed "proud progressive" and Colorado transplant, Kristin Mallory's goals as HD 41's 2nd Vice Chair are to organize and activate our membership to its full potential and to create a Party that ...

Maureen Mrizek


Maureen served in a variety of volunteer and leadership roles during the 2016 General Election. Additionally, she canvassed with Organizing for Action during President Obama's 2012 campaign. Maureen is a strong supporter of Women's Rights and Progressive ...

Patricia Noonan

Outreach Committee

Bio and Background:

  • Lifelong Democrat
  • U. S. House Staffer
  • U. S. Senate Staffer

Positions of Leadership ...

David Lightowler

Platform Committee

Bio and Background 

Previous County and State Party Experience

  • State Central Committee: 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017
  • State Executive Committee (Alternate): 2014, ...

Martha Kern


Martha Kern has been an active volunteer and strong advocate for the Arapahoe Democratic Party ...