Precinct Committee Person (PCP) Information and Manuals

Our House District Map With All 49 Precincts

Our House District Map With All 49 Precincts

Welcome Precinct Committee People of House District 41

As a Precinct Committee Person (PCP), you fulfill one of the most important roles of the Democratic Party. Thank you for volunteering in this role and being at the front lines of the Blue Wave!

Elections are won and lost at the precinct level. Informing your precinct about candidates and gathering neighbors for fellowship is at the heart of who we are as Democrats. In this role, you are at the frontlines of the Democrat Party.

Your Precincts & HD 41 Precinct Map

Your Precinct, or  your neighborhood, is where your role begins. House District 41 has 49 Precincts and over 18,500 registered active Democrats, making it the largest Democratic Party population in Arapahoe County.  Four of our precincts in the Heather Gardens neighborhood consistently have the highest turnout per election in the County, at over 80 percent.

The House District encompasses a large area of southeastern Aurora, as well as an unincorporated area.

The district boundaries are:

  • North to Mississippi Ave
  • West to Quebec St.
  • South to Hampden Rd.
  • East to Jewel/Buckley St.

A full precinct map can be found at this link:

Updated Voter Registration Information for Colorado and Arapahoe County can be found here:

What are the Roles and Responsibilities of the Precinct Committee Person? 

Our county, as well as the state Democratic Party, have provided these manuals to answer questions about the many roles, responsibilities, and commitments of a PCP.

House Parties– A staple of how field organizers and volunteers were organized in the Barack Obama campaign, House Parties are one of the best ways to bring Democrats in your neighborhood together.

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Powerpoint Training Document–  The Arapahoe County Democrats have created this Powerpoint to help PCP’s understand their role.

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PcP training 2018v2

Canvassing- The first question of any new PCP is how do I reach out to my neighborhood? This manual demonstrates how to talk to your neighbors, as well as  who to ask to get a list of the Democrats in your neighborhood.

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Canvassing your Precinct

What a PCP should be doing month by month? – This manual was created by our County Party to help schedule tasks for you from 2018-2020. With the help of your House District chairs and county leadership, this manual is a step by step process of projects you now begin.

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Available Training Sessions – Digital Tools Available to Perform Your Job 

Our County has developed PCP training sessions for you to attend. These occur several times a month. You may find the dates in the calendar section of our website, or from the Arapahoe County Democratic Party website, (, The classes will not only help you understand your role, but also allow for you to meet with PCP’s of other House District’s in the county and discuss what works.

VAN Training

One of the most important tools to be successful in your role is VAN (Voter Access Network). The officers of the county and HD41 urge you to attend a training session to help broaden your knowledge of this resource.

VAN is an online resource that is essential to managing your precincts. To enhance your knowledge of this tool, there are several training classes happening for all PCP’s of the County. Check our calendar by clicking on the the Calendar tab above, to check for dates.  There are also recurring training sessions that our state leadership at the Colorado Democrats have developed.  You can find more information about these classes and webinars on the Colorado Democrats website calendar:

Whether needing a refresher or as someone who has never used the tool before, HD41 PCP’s should be scheduling this opportunity. In your role as a PCP, you are asked to use VAN for reaching out to other Democrats in your precinct, as well as other purposes.

Four our County training classes, there is a limitation to 10 people. This allows for concentrated instruction. Bringing a laptop is essential. Do not bring your iPad or Tablet, as these do not work well with VAN. Also, bring a notebook for your note taking. If you do not own a laptop, please note this when you make your RSVP. Once known, the trainers will try to accommodate you onto one of the PC’s in the office.

County leadership will slot you on one of your desired dates, as well as create your log in credential to VAN. The training is available for both a new PCP, or a current PCP who would like a refresher course. If none of these dates work for you, county leadership can work with you to set up sessions that work with your schedule.

HD41 People to People Canvassing Occurs Monthly 

The fourth Saturday of every month, HD41 has a canvass workday with the People to People Campaign. We meet at Arapahoe Democratic Party Headquarters at 10am.  A training is completed before beginning the canvass, however as preparation for your canvass, please see below regarding the purpose of the campaign.

What is the People to People Campaign? 

People to People (P2P) is a door to door listening campaign aimed at learning about issues our neighbors care most about, and what they want from their candidates, elected officials, and government. We’re listening to voters to make their issues our issues. This information will be shared with Democratic nominees so their campaigns resonate with constituents in terms of their values and issues. P2P uses a smartphone app called MiniVAN that contains everything you need: Walking list, map, script, and data entry forms. Paper lists are also available.

Interaction with voters

  • Start by introducing yourself.
  • Scripts are guidelines – if it feels choppy modify it so it seems natural. It’s a matter of practice.  Your goal is to put the person at ease so they’ll talk to you.
  • Listen for and record top-of-mind issues, as well as key words that reflect their values (e.g., fairness, diversity, personal responsibility, taking care of all people).
  • They might ask which election we’re asking about. Sadly, many people won’t even know there’s a 2018 election, let alone who their current reps are, let alone their candidates. Use this as a chance to educate.
  • Later into the conversation, ask CD6 voters about Coffman if they haven’t mentioned this.  We’ve found quite a few people hate Trump but like Coffman.  Find out why they do/don’t like him but don’t counter-argue so stay neutral. Make sure you capture this info in your MiniVAN or Paper List notes..Ask them to vote the entire ballot.
  • The election is November 6, 2018. Please note this at doors.
  • If they don’t have any thoughts about candidates, prompt them about general issues like healthcare, education, taxes.Remember the purpose of our project is to listen to people talk about what’s important to them.  You aren’t campaigning for candidates and shouldn’t indicate preferences until there’s only one Dem on a ballot.  The more they do the talking and you do the listening, the more spontaneous the information. Can’t stress that enough but remember it takes practice.
  • We’re always looking for volunteers to participate in P2P, register voters, and to be PCP’s. Feel free to ask them to get involved and send their contact info directly to us. They can also go to the Colorado Dems website to sign up in the talent bank.

Digital Tools