As Chair, I will lead our Districts’ support of Representative Jovan Melton as well as Senators Nancy Todd and Daniel Kagan, whose Senate Districts’ 28 and 26 encompass our House District.

This year we have the highest number of PCPs we have ever had in HD41. This means that we need to continue with broadening and innovating our approach to grow volunteers, raise funds that support our candidates and party, welcome more new members, and reach out to more and more voters with generosity and genuineness. It is important that volunteers work together and support our party leaders and elected officials. We must have a robust effort to increase voter turnout and to protect and advance the democratic priorities and values we articulate in our platform.

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Text Messages: 720-354-6605
Facebook: Jeff Moser
Twitter: Jeffery Moser @ JeffinAurora


In 2016, Jeff served as Acting Chair and Secretary of House District 41. For his outstanding efforts in planning caucus, leading meetings, and many other duties, he was awarded the 2016 Arapahoe County Democrats Volunteer of the Year Award.

Prior to 2016, Jeff served two years as First Vice Chair for House District 41, (2013-2015). This year, he is one of the elected representatives from Arapahoe County to the State Central Committee of the Colorado Democratic Party.

Jeff has lived in Aurora since March of 1999 and has been a local Precinct Committee Person for the past eight years. He has been involved in grassroots politics for 40 years. Growing up in South Dakota, Jeff began his political interests when he was a teenager, working as a youth volunteer and campaign canvasser in Hand County for the late US Senator George McGovern in 1977. Later, he ran statewide for South Dakota State Auditor on the Democratic ticket in 1994, and then for the US House in 1998. He won the state’s Democratic Congressional Primary in June but lost to incumbent Republican US Representative John Thune in the General Election in November. He served four years as the statutory-appointed Deputy State Treasurer to Democratic South Dakota State Treasurer Dick Butler, during Butler’s first four-year term, 1995-1999. He oversaw the delegate selection process of the South Dakota Democratic Party to the Democratic National Convention in Chicago in 1996, and served as Alternate Delegate. He served two years as State Chair of the Affirmative Action Committee of the South Dakota Democratic Party, 1995-1997