Just released today, a message from our Colorado Democratic Party Chair, Morgan Carroll. Results of our August 5th State Central Committee vote as well as other items of interest for involvement in the Party are noted:


August 23, 2017

We held our state Executive and Central committee on August 5, 2017 in Pueblo. Thank you for all who could join us! At that meeting we shared updates from the Colorado Democratic Party.

Site Selection & Delegate Count 2018 Assembly: We selected the First Bank Center in Broomfield for the location of the 2018 Assembly. We added more delegates instead of alternates so the total delegate count is now 4,000 with a minimum of 4 for the smallest counties and allocated proportionately according to Democratic performance.

Caucuses will be held on: March 6, 2018, 7:00pm
County Assemblies will be held: March 16 – March 31
Multi-County District Assemblies will be held: April 13, 2018
Congressional Assemblies (CD 1, 2, 6, 7) will be held: April 1 – April 12, 2018
Congressional Assemblies (CD 3, 4, 5) will be held: April 13, 2018
State Assembly will be held: April 13, 2018
*All data entry is due from county assemblies by April 1, 2018 to ensure proper notice to future party events. Choose your assembly dates accordingly.

Rule Changes: At the last central committee the body adopted changes to the Colorado Democratic Party rules that:

Make our rules gender-neutral and non-binary;
Ends infinite balloting for state party elections so lowest vote-getter drops;
Creates a standing credential committee for professionalized balloting;
Changes the date of last adoption of the rules; and
Clarifies Central Committee can vote to create additional officer positions.

*If you have ideas or suggestions for rules changes you can contact the Chairman of the Rules Committee, Skip Madsen at : [email protected]

People To People – We launched a statewide canvassing initiative on Aug. 7 to put quality over quantity and connect with Democratic and Unaffiliated households on a deep canvass. These are conversations with open-ended questions such as, “if you could tell your candidates and elected officials anything, what would it be?” This program will be headed up by David Lightowler. The program will run from August of 2017 though September of 2018. It is not candidate-specific and is not a hard push for the Party but instead intended to learn more from the voters themselves about what they think. The results of this canvass will be shared with all counties and candidates filed with VAN. You can sign up or encourage others in your county to do the same at: http://bit.ly/2vZsO36.

VAN Trainings – If you would like to arrange for a VAN training, Colin O’Connor can set up a webinar training with you. His email address is: Colin O’Connor [email protected]

Talent Bank – We have created a statewide talent bank to better capture and put volunteers’ skills to good use. We will share with the counties and with Democratic candidates post primary. You can sign up for the talent (or share with others to sign up) at: http://bit.ly/2vZsO36. Our volunteer, volunteer coordinator is Meike Babel and she can be reached at: [email protected]

**Coming Soon – Volunteer Management System. Grizz (John Deal) will be custom-designing a volunteer management system from our new website where volunteers can create and edit their own profile and the party can send volunteer need alerts to those with a match.

Columbine Club – Rita Simas launched our Columbine Club for people who give $100, $250 or $500 per year (one time or broken into monthly payments to help support our local efforts to elect Colorado Democrats and implement voter education, outreach and registration efforts. http://bit.ly/2vpxgEA

Voter Registration – Miguel Ceballos has taken on the statewide (bilingual) initiative to register voters. Voter registration projects are available for community events or targeted to households. If you would like help with a voter registration project you can contact: [email protected]

New Website – We created an entirely new website thanks to Grizz, Howard Chou, Colin, and Cheska Perez. If you have not visited it lately, go to:www.coloradodems.org.

Democratic Dispatch – We are generating substantive weekly updates from the state party through our email list. If you are not currently receiving this, you may have unsubscribed. To stay current on what is happening with the state party, you can sign up at: http://co.coloradodems.org/page/s/join-the-cdp-newsletter.

Rapid Response – The party has created a rapid response email alert system for people interested in engaging and activating quickly to protect, defend or advance issues that impact people or the planet. You can sign up for the rapid response list at: http://co.coloradodems.org/p…/s/join-the-rapid-response-team.

Activism App for Colorado Democrats – Your state party has partnered to make an activism app available free of charge to you. Amplify is available in iphone and Android. Install at: getamplify.org/iphone or getamplify.org/android. Sign up for a new account. Enter the Code for Colorado Democrats 316-413-000. Take Action!

Grassroots Calendar – Our new and expanded calendar has grown to not only party events but also rallies, marches, protests and other events of interest to the broader progressive community. If you would like to post something on our web calendar, please email [email protected]

#Resist & Citizen Lobbying Training – We have created state and federal tips for how to effectively make and change law and policy. These handouts are available at our website and include a lot of powerful tips and insights into how government really works.

County Party Calls – We have monthly conference calls for all county officers on the last Tuesday of every month. The topic(s) rotate depending on what is going on and what party leaders want to talk about.

64 County Chairs Facebook Page & Email List – We have created a Facebook Page and email list for County Chairs so it is easier for chairs to community directly with each other to share ideas, solve problems and see what is working best in different communities.

County Party Officer Website – We have created a website just for county officers. We have provided a County Officer Training Handbook and have dozens of materials and resources to help with a variety of common needs of the county parties.

Candidate Kits – We have created basic candidate kits to cover school board, municipal, county, legislative and Congressional races. To get a copy of any of the candidate kits, contact Melanie Young at [email protected]

Regional Listening Tours and Trainings – The Colorado Democratic Party has broken the state into 12 regions and has scheduled to Listening Tours and Trainings for: citizen lobbying, candidate training, campaign staff training and messaging training at each location. We are keeping a written record of ideas and suggestions from each stop.

Messaging – We have a messaging project led by Bill Tanner from our talent bank of people with public relations, marketing, journalism, TV, radio, film and more working on the one line tag line / slogan for what the Colorado Democratic Party stands for. Results will be shared. In the meantime, the party has a one page messaging guide based on the best information presently available. To request a copy email Melanie Young at: [email protected]

Local Candidate Support – With the help of Chris Bauer and other attorneys volunteering their time, we are nearly finished with a legal research project of what the party (state and county) can and cannot do to help this 2017 election for each region and we can make this available to you.

Platform Committee – The state platform committee has been authorized to begin their work for updating the Colorado Democratic Party platform. They have been asked to come up with a condensed one-page version of the platform with messaging in mind. You do not need to be a member of the platform committee to share your ideas with them. You can find the current platform on our website. To share input email Dennis Obduskey: [email protected]

Conflict? We agree on so much more than we disagree and for great causes but once in awhile conflict will occur. We have mediators who have volunteered to help us resolve difference and conflicts as they may arise so we can stay focused on defeating right-wing reckless Republicans in Washington and electing great Democrats here in Colorado. We also have tips on preventing and resolving conflict from some of the best conflict resolution experts out there. For a copy, email: [email protected]

Front Office Support – We have amazing, recurring volunteers, who have staffed the front office of the state party and have make sure that we have a live person to answer the phone during business hours.

Outreach – Your state officers have been attending county and community events, fares, rallies, protests, school supply drives, initiatives, cultural celebrations, community diversity and inclusion events to represent the Colorado Democratic Party.

Feedback Survey – We have created a 24-7 online survey to get feedback from you and voters about what they think is working, needs improvement, and how to create the best future for the Colorado Democratic Party. Thanks to Howard Chou for designing our survey. You can take (or share it) at:http://bit.ly/2owxl9n.

I hope this is helpful. We are continuing to strive to do all we can to strengthen the Colorado Democratic Party and to LEAD LOCALLY. I want to thank you for your leadership and all you are doing to work together to engage your local community and get great Democratic candidates elected.

In Solidarity,

Morgan Carroll
Chair, Colorado Democratic Party