HD41 Chair,  Jeff Moser, has advised of an update to the agenda of the house district monthly meeting. Several Aurora Public School Board candidates will be our guest speakers. This is a great opportunity to meet these candidates, and ask questions regarding the very important topic of public school education. Please be sure to attend, Monday, September 25th at 6:30pm.   

The following individuals have announced their candidacy for APS Board Elections in 2017: 

Name: Kyla Alysia Armstrong-Romero
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Website: www.kylaforschoolboard.com

Name: Jane F. Barber
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Name: Kevin Cox
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Website: www.kevincoxforaurora.com

Name: Debra E. Gerkin
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Name: Marques A. Ivey
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Name: Miguel In Suk Lovato
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Name: Gail Pough
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Name: Lea Steed
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Name: Barbara J. Yamrick Stadtherr
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For more information on candidates, and their contact information, please see this link:


Current APS Board of Directors– (clockwise from top left): Board Treasurer Barbara Yamrick, Board Director Cathy Wildman, Board Director Eric Nelson, Board Vice President Dr. Dan Jorgensen, Board Secretary Monica Colbert, Board Director Dr. JulieMarie Shepherd Macklin, Superintendent Rico Munn and Board President Amber Drevon