With the HD41 Caucus right around the corner,  HD41 has scheduled several work days for volunteers and PCP’s. These classes are not only to learn more about the Caucus process, but also know what is needed as volunteer help for the evening.

Caucus Work Day Training dates: 

February 8th – 7pm to 9pm

February 15th – 7pm to 9pm


Arapahoe Democratic Party Office- 10730 Bethany Dr. Aurora, CO 80014


**Interested in Helping our Upcoming Caucus?**

With each Presidential and Mid Term year comes the need to Caucus. Most important for a smoothly run Caucus is the need for volunteer help in the logistical tasks of the meeting. Therefore,
HD 41 is holding regular weekly work nights to plan for the caucuses. These work sessions are for the HD 41 officers, captains, and volunteers who want to plan, set-up, oversee, and take-down the event.

We are looking for 20-25 volunteers to come out of these planning meetings with assigned task and direction relating to the following:

-Make signs and other materials,
-Gather other supplies before-hand and then on the night of caucus, arrive early and help to set-up the site,
-Put up signage
-Help with registration
-Trouble-shoot electors’ questions
-Direct caucus-goers in line and help them to find their correct precinct and its exact meeting location/room, i.e. classroom, cafeteria. lecture room, etc.
-Clean-up when the caucus ends.
-Collect all indoor and all outdoor signage at the site,
-Collect remaining supplies and load them in our cars and leave, etc.

Please RSVP at the following Facebook page post, or by reaching out to Chair Jeff Moser.