A big welcome to first time March 6th, HD41 Caucus attendees!

If you recently became a PCP or attended Caucus for the first time and want to know more about this thing called a “House District”- We welcome you into the HD41 Democratic Party Community!

We know you had questions on where to find things or get involved, so, we are here to help! This website is one of two resources for you to keep up to date on things happening with the Democratic Party within House District 41. We also have a companion Facebook page, HD41 Democrats for D.E.M.S,  which contains thorough information on events happening related to the District. It also house videos and pictures from past HD41 events, as an archive. 

Please follow us throughout the months ahead for information and to stay informed on whats happening. A good first step to being involved, is to come to our next House District Meeting on Thursday, March 22nd at 6:30pm. We hold them on the 4th Thursday of every month at our Arapahoe County Democratic Party Headquarters. 10730 E. Bethany Dr. in Aurora. Come out and meet your fellow Dems, and learn how to be involved.


The Officers of House District 41,