Former  2nd Vice Chair of HD41, Kristin Mallory-Westerberg, was elected  Chair of the Arapahoe Democratic Party at the recently held county reorginization meeting .  The vote for Chair was 151 votes for Kristin, and 110 votes for her opponent, Rita Simas.

In her speech before the vote on Saturday , Kristin noted bringing more technology for communication to the Party by means of online tools to broadcast meetings. Also, greater outreach and opportunity with existing organizations such as COPA, Indivisible, 9 to 5 Aurora, and other groups providing advocacy to various communities in our County. Lastly, she has noted a conflict resolution board, to address means of resolving internal issues to the Arapahoe Democratic Party.

Kristin will assume the term for 2 yrs, until the 2021 reorginization meeting . Lets congratulate our Chair, as we move forward during the next two years by continuing the Blue Wave!

Below is video of Kristin’s first order of business. As the mantel is passed from Mary Ellen Wolf to Kristin, she calls for a  nomination of vote for her 1st Vice Chair, Cindy Lewis.

Congratulations to HD41's Kristin Mallory-Westerberg, on her new leadership role as Chair of the Arapahoe Democratic Party! Today's voting results from the Arapahoe Democrats Central Committee was 151 votes for Kristin, and 110 votes for Rita Simas. As our former Chair Mary Ellen Wolf exits her role, Kristin assumes the role of leadership in her first order of business in this video.

Posted by HD41 Democrats for DEMS on Saturday, February 2, 2019