On Saturday, February 2nd at the Arapahoe County Democrats Rerorginization Meeting,  House District 41 elected its new Officers to serve terms of 2 years. Officers were also selected for the two Senate Districts located within our House District, Senate District 26 and Senate District 28, and County Commissioner District 4.

Coming from her role as House District 41 Secretary into the Chair Role is Maureen Mrizek. Maureen led our House District from 2016-2018, not only in accurate record keeping in her duties as Secretary, but also in outreach, volunteering for candidates, and being instrumental in getting local businesses to donate over $10,000 in needed decorations for our annual Pat Schroeder Dinner fundraiser. She brings many years of political experience into the position, and greatly looks forward to leading House District 41.

To support the needs of the Chair, the following individuals were selected to fulfill officer positions on our Board:

1st Vice Chair – Kunle Taiwo

2nd Vice Chair– Karlton Culig

Secretary – Cayenna Johnson

Treasurer– Martha Kern

Platform Committee– Patricia Noonan

Rules Committee – Gayle Drexler

Social Media and Internet – David Lightowler

Senate District 28

Chair: Meredith Phillips

1st Vice Chair: Scott Brown

Secretary: Kelsey Fritz

Treasurer: Cheryl Hutchison

Senate District 26

Chair: Lin Sunshine

1st Vice Chair: Cindy Lewis

2nd Vice Chair: Amanda Martin

Secretary: M. Susan Murphy-Jacobs

Treasurer: Robert Solem