Precinct Committee Person (PCP) Information and Manuals

Our House District Map With All 49 Precincts

Our House District Map With All 49 Precincts

Welcome Precinct Committee People of House District 41

As a Precinct Committee Person (PCP), you fulfill one of the most important roles of the Democratic Party. Thank you for volunteering in this role and being at the front lines of the Blue Wave!

Elections are won and lost at the precinct level. Informing your precinct about candidates and gathering neighbors for fellowship is at the heart of who we are as Democrats.

Your Precincts & HD 41 Precinct Map

Your Precinct, or your neighborhood, is where your role begins. House District 41 has 49 Precincts and over 18,500 registered active Democrats, making it the largest Democratic Party population in Arapahoe County. Four of our precincts in the Heather Gardens neighborhood consistently have the highest turnout per election in the County, at over 80 percent.

The House District encompasses a large area of southeastern Aurora, as well as an unincorporated area.

The district boundaries are:

  • North to Mississippi Ave
  • West to Quebec St.
  • South to Hampden Rd.
  • East to Jewel/Buckley St.

A full precinct map can be found at this link:

Updated voter registration information for Colorado and Arapahoe County can be found here:

What are the Roles and Responsibilities of the Precinct Committee Person?

A staple of how field organizers and volunteers were organized in the Barack Obama campaign, House Parties are one of the best ways to bring Democrats in your neighborhood together.

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The Arapahoe County Democrats have created this Powerpoint to help PCP’s understand their role.

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Field Organizer Training.pptx

The first question of any new PCP is how do I reach out to my neighborhood? This manual demonstrates how to talk to your neighbors, as well as who to ask to get a list of the Democrats in your neighborhood.

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Canvassing your Precinct.pdf

This manual was created by our County Party to help schedule tasks for you from 2018-2020. With the help of your House District chairs and county leadership, this manual is a step by step process of projects you now begin.

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A Year in the life of a PCP [2018] Arapahoe.pdf

Digital Tools 

VAN, MiniVAN, Social Media Outreach, and Internet

As a PCP, digital tools will be given to you to help with your role. At the core of these digital tools is VAN and MiniVAN.

VAN (Voter Access Network) 

VAN is an online resource that is essential to managing your precincts. It is one of the most important tools to be successful in your role as a PCP. VAN gives you access to voters so that you may create lists to identify and reach out to your neighbors. Your PCP level of access in VAN will allow you to do the following functions:

  • Create a walking or calling list for canvassing  your precinct ( Create a New List)
  • Create folders to store and organize lists (Folders)
  • Create scripts to speak to your neighbors and collect data (Scripts)
  • Add to and narrow your lists for purposes of targeting specific Democrats  (Narrowing People and Removing People from My List)
  • Create a list of previous year Caucus Attendees, Current Officers, and other grouped categories (Activist Codes)
  • Enter collected data into VAN (Grid View)
  • Cut turf to limit your neighborhood walks to a smaller path (How to Cut Turf)                                                                                                 

It is encouraged that you develop your skills within the tool, and ask questions to your House District Officers and PCP’s as to what you will need for your precinct.

Videos for VAN Training 

There are multiple training sessions on YouTube which give you a view of the functions within VAN and steps to follow. A full channel of  “How To” videos  is below.

To Request Additional VAN Information

NGP, the creators of VAN, offer opportunities for field organizers to request information on how to use their tool  This document is known as the “VANual”. 

Please use this link to contact NGP, and request this document to be sent to you.

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MiniVAN – Mobile Digital Canvassing

MiniVAN was created at the dawn of the smartphone in 2010. MiniVAN is an App that is downloaded from Google Play or the Apple App Store. It is free, and does not take up a great deal of memory on your mobile device. MiniVAN is designed to make your canvassing walks, (door to door), as efficient, clear, and easy as possible.

  • Digital maps display the location of homes in your canvass.
  • GPS inherit in your smartphone or tablet,  allows you to see where you are walking at all times. This allows you greater visibility in apartment complexes, and tough to navigate neighborhoods.
  • Scripts are Easier to Read.
  • Real time upload into VAN for Survey Question Answers, Voter Editing, and Completed Canvassing.

It is recommended that your training be done at doors while using MiniVAN, as each user will find their comfort level by putting the tool into practice.

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Campaign and Candidate MiniVan Training Document.docx

Field Organizing 

As you have been introduced to the digital tools that PCP’S use, the second step is putting  together community work days by gathering neighbors and Democrats for canvassing. A Powerpoint training document has been developed to help you learn how to gather fellow Democrats and promote candidates or objectives within our Party.

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Field Organizer Training.pptx

VAN Training

Periodically, VAN training will be offered by the County Party. County training sessions are typically offered after Caucus in even numbered years (2018, 2020, 2022 etc.). These are the years when new PCP’s are elected. Check our calendar by clicking on the the Calendar Tab above, to check for dates with the County. 

Recurring training sessions that our state democratic leadership, (Colorado Democrats), have developed, are with our State Technology Director, Pete Williams.  These are offered frequently in webinars, and at Colorado Democratic Party Headquarters in Denver. You can find more information about these classes and webinars on the Colorado Democrats website calendar:

Whether needing a refresher or as someone who has never used the tool before, HD41 PCP’s should be scheduling this opportunity. In your role as a PCP, you are asked to use VAN for reaching out to other Democrats in your precinct, as well as other purposes.

For our County training classes, there is a limitation of 10 people. This allows for concentrated instruction. County leadership will slot you on your desired dates, as well as create your log in credential to VAN. If none of the listed training dates work for you, county leadership can work with you to set up sessions that work with your schedule.

Social Media Outreach and Website

The website, along with our Facebook page, HD41 Democrats for D.E.M.S, are means to which you can advise your neighbors of our digital presence. Your neighbors can get updates, anytime they want on events, party leadership, goings on within the house district, and more.

Understandably, many of your neighbors may want a guide to show them how to access and navigate our website and Facepage. Please share this document for information on how both of our sites, work.

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Understanding Our New HD41 Digital.docx

.pptx and .docx (Microsoft PowerPoint and Word files) may download directly when clicking these hyperlinks and viewing from a laptop or desktop computer.