Martha Kern has been an active volunteer and strong advocate for the Arapahoe Democratic Party for many years. If there is a phone bank a Campaign Manager needs to establish, Martha is a “Go To” to get the word out and make it work.

In 2012 she served as a Neighborhood Team Lead in OFA for the Chambers and Hampden Rd. Corridor. Her efforts in this area helped deliver Arapahoe County for Barack Obama. Martha has been involved with HD41 for many years as a PCP. Her recent volunteer experience has included Andrew Romanoff for CD-6 in 2014, Morgan Carroll for CD6 in 2016, Rhonda Fields for SD 29 in 2016, both Obama Campaigns, and both Michael Bennet campaigns.

As Treasurer for HD41 , Martha would like to start a fundraising program by collecting donations at each of our meetings. She will seek a relationship with our County Treasurer, by working with Gail Pennington on directives. Her goal is to create and find ways for HD41 to build funds and help the treasury of the County Party.